I am really beginning to think that the ability to look past the negativity of hard things in our lives is such a huge key to seeing the good that is part of God's plan.

A month ago my van died.  One day it was fine, the next we had a major blow-out on the way home, the next day, while getting new tires, I was informed that my van was unsafe to drive out of the parking lot.

It felt like an awful blow.  I wasn't prepared to deal with car problems.  I didn't have money saved beyond the price of replacing the tires.  Our Thanksgiving travel plans had been thwarted and I had no idea what to do.

So fell on the only thing I know in an emergency:  I prayed.

And not just HELP!  but I worked hard to make the prayer:  thank you for this unforeseen opportunity.  That was hard to do, the natural man wanted badly to cry and scream and be anything but thankful.

But look what happened:

No more worrying about whether the window won't roll up, what the clunking noise is, how much work really needs to be done that I'm ignoring, why the check engine light is ALWAYS on, that the headlights are worthless, that the heater may or may not kick on, that it could take a half hour to fill it up with gas....

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2 comments to “Cadillac Part 2: or, maybe not a Cadillac but how about a Honda?”

  1. Wow, Jenny! Its been very exciting reading you're blog and viewing the pictures! Who would have dreamed you'd go from that tiny upstairs apartment to a beautiful spacious home - with an inground pool! I'm envious but so very happy for you. And to have your Daniel with you - A huge blessing from a loving Heavenly Father! I know you're having a wonderful Christmas - and pray this new year will bring more restored strength to you. Love and hugs to all - Peggy

  1. You are amazing. Your life is amazing. And inspiring. You have NO idea how much inspiration I need. I've been thinking of you often over this past year or more, and wondering how you are doing. But I no longer have the phone your number was in. Please email me your number again, or send me your email address. I'd like to catch up on the rather amazing past year I've had, as well. Love and blessings to you and yours. . . .