Wow, it's hard to believe that we are one week away from having been in Oregon for two months!  The time has really flown by.  Just the other day, as we were driving to the farm, I started thinking about the snow that will probably be around for another month of so in Monticello.  Comparing it with the brilliant green folliage all around me, I realized how out of place the thought of snow is to me anymore.  I'm already growing accustomed to green plants, rolling hills, and rain.

We are doing so well.  We are really settling in and starting to feel more at home in what seemed at first to be a "foreign land".  We are loving our new town and feeling very welcomed at church.  I'm so excited to see all of the neat things still in store for us here.

I've been having an amazing time working on the farm with William.  So far I am delighted to spent every minute I can learning, trying, getting my hands dirty.  It's all so exciting and new, I am loving it!  I am looking forward to posting lots of pictures of what we are up to here on my blog.  I also plan on including lots of the wisdom I am gathering so I can pass it on to you!

I am excited to announce that William and Vernie are handing over the reigns to their seed packets business to me!!!  I am really grateful for this opportunity and looking forward to this chance to not only learn as much as I can about the different vegetables we are using, but to share these great seeds with other people.  I am going to keep the business up on their miniag site for the time being.  You will have to take a look and check out what I have to offer.  In fact, I am going to be raising the price of the packets slightly in the next week or so, so if you are interested in ordering, jump in before I get them changed: The sooner the better!

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I spent 2 hours today planting Greek Oregano and filled 20 trays.  If each tray has 72 spaces and I placed somewhere between 1 and 10 seeds in each space (you can round it to 5), how many seeds did I plant?

Bonus Questions: 

How long will it take me to plant the remaining thousand Oregano seeds?

How did I end up with a blister on the palm of my hand?

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