Originally written in late August of this year.

This post best experienced while listening to this music.

I have been feeling so weird - so disjointed and kind of lost.

Today I decided it's like a race:

I was just running up a particularly large and difficult hill

 when someone came and told me that it was changed to a triathlon and I needed to change into swim gear.  I have just emerged from the changing room, and, facing the large lake I am to cross, find I am alone, with no idea which side of the lake to aim for.

I know somewhat what I need to do but I'm not sure exactly how, when, where, etc.  I can start out but I think I need directions to get very far.  And I am distinctly aware that I shouldn't just sit and wait.  It doesn't work to tread water when you're on the clock...

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  1. hmmmmmmmm, sounds like life! Wishing you well on your journey . . .

  1. I'm always here cheering for you. <3