At least once in everyone's life there comes a time when they receive a gift they can't identify.  I don't mean a fruit cake with unknown ingredients lovingly created by your Grandma, or a lovely framed cross-stitch of something brown from Aunt Bee.

No, I mean that time you receive a....What IS that?!?!?... gift.

This was my lucky year.

Since the giftee managed to be in Costa Rica for the holidays I was unable to discover the true identity of my gift until recently.  While I waited my children and I spent some time pondering what this marvelous gift could be.

What follows is a list of the possibilities we came up with, in no particular order:

    A Turban
A Headband

A Ponytail Holder

A Newsboy Hat

A Necklace

A Decorative Stripe

A Baby Sling

A Belt

A Bikini Top

An Endless Knot

A Sling for a Broken Arm

A Bracelet

A Prayer Cap


Ear Muffs

A Toupee and Facial Hair

A Brigham Young Beard

A Bow Tie
A Necktie

Half-Finger Gloves

A Puzzle

A Blanket for your Arms when you Pray

A Handfasting Scarf (Notice that one of us likes the idea of getting married and the other is not real happy here...)

A Lasso

Lady Liberty's Torch

Leg Cuffs

A Boa Constrictor

 Hope your Christmas was as exciting as ours!

3 comments to “Mystery Gift”

  1. I like the toupee and facial hair. That's my vote! ;)

  1. Hahahahah! this post is hilarious. so glad I could give you guys a good time. Blanket for your arms while you pray and beard and toupee are a few of my favorites. also your face on the newsboy cap one is so funny I lose it every time I look at it again.
    merry christmas!!

  1. Are you kidding? You're not going to tell us what it was/is? ARRRRRRRRrrrrrrgh!!!!!!!!!!!!