Lately I have been working really hard to eradicate some negative things I've seen in my kids.  Things like minor bickering, eye rolling, having a hard time sharing, grumpiness, etc.   Little things, but worrisome nonetheless.  I'm sure lots of people think these things are unavoidable in children, but I believe differently. I've seen differently.

I tried adding a lot of things: extra scripture time together, books with an extra moral "punch", more sleep, extra vegetables, lots of long "talks" about behavior. No big difference. So I tried removing a bunch of things: excessive free play time, frequent play time with other kids, "twaddle" in excess, sugar. Still no big change.

The other day I was disheartened to witness the following interaction:

Child 1 (calmly, trying to lift a large box of toys): Can you help me?
Child 2 (enroute to another room, instantly on guard): No! I'm busy!
Child 1 (whinily): Please!!!
Child 2 (storming away): NO!

Such a small thing, I thought, it would have been so easy for them to help each other and instead it is bringing such a spirit of contention into our home. Why are they acting this way? As I pondered on the sad state of our family, I was reminded of an interaction I had had with my child only moments before:

Child 2 (cheerfully enjoying the last of the school day): Mom, can you help me with this problem?
Mother (at the computer): No, I'm trying to finish this last page, it's time for lunch. In fact, it's time for you to put your work away...
Child 2 (caught off guard): But Mom, I'm almost done, I just need some help.
Mother (turning off the computer and hurrying into the kitchen): No, put your things away now and come set the table!

Oh, my little apples! I'm so sorry.

3 comments to “My Little Apples”

  1. gracious!
    what's a twaddle?!!

  1. OH, man, that made me laugh!

    Twaddle is a term used by some homeschoolers that implies "junk food" type literature. Here are a couple of short articles that explain it better than I can.

  1. well, you have the painful consciousness of one moment such as this, but please balance it with all the wonderful moments that are otherwise. You are a wonderful mother doing wonderful things with you guessed it, your wonderful children.