Lots of people have asked me: What are your kids doing all day while you are at the farm?  The answer is simple: building forts, digging, chasing each other with swords, picking flowers, eating Miner's Lettuce, poking things with sticks, tromping through the Forest of Night.  With 5 other kids to play with there is never a dull moment around here!  Dirt Girl and Tractor Boy (as they will be referred to from here on out) have never been happier!

4 comments to “The Adventures of Dirt Girl and Tractor Boy”

  1. looks like good times! I like the title of your post :)

  1. Jenny! This is Eirene! Sariah told me about your blog! I'm so fascinated with your journey to Oregon, and I'm so glad you've found a place that seems so happy and (and green!) So cool! I miss you and your kids, and I beg that you tell them so, with my love. Have a great day!
    Love, Eirene

  1. luckiest dirty dogs I ever knew

  1. Love the pictures. I miss the farm!!!